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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Thursday, October 5, 2017

AAC AWARENESS WEEK - Communication Bill of Rights

October is AAC Awareness month - the perfect time to share . . . and implement  the Communication Bill of Rights!

WHO:  National Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities (NJC)  Member Organizations of the NJC
• The Committee consists of members from the following organizations:
• American Association on INtellectual and Developmental Disabilities
• American Occupational Therapy Association
• American Physical Therapy Association
• American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
• Association of Assistive Technology Art Programs
• Council for Exceptional Children Division for Communicative Disabilities and Deafness
• United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

WHAT:  This joint statement shares 15 fundamental communication rights

WHERE:  Link to the National Joint Committee 

Link to a downloadable version of the Bill of Rights:
Communication Bill of Rights

HOW:  Please truly read this document.  Choose at least one item to highlight each week during AAC Awareness Month.  Let's light up social media with ideas of truly living this bill of rights!

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