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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, November 4, 2011

Caroline's Rule of 6

Caroline's Rule of 6

This post has nothing . . . well, very little, to do with AAC or AT. Caroline's Rule of 6 is something I came up with years ago, because I tend to overreact (okay, freak out) when things go wrong. So, I devised a scheme to remind me, kind of like 'little problem / big problem' that we use for students with AAC.

Since my nephew David was in a serious bicycle accident and has been in a coma, I have been reminded of this and have been trying much harder to live by it. A friend asked me to share it, so here it is:

When something upsetting happens, ask yourself:
1 = Will it affect me in 6 minutes?
2 = Will it affect me in 6 hours?
3 =
Will it affect me in 6 days?
4 =
Will it affect me in 6 weeks?
5 =
Will it affect me in 6 months?
6 =
Will it affect me in 6 years?

If the answer to 3 - 6 are no . . . little problem!

You can also refer to this as 'The Power of . . . ' Thus, a problem that will affect you for 6 weeks is a problem to the power of 4 - whining allowed!!!!

Hope this is helpful. I'm thinking I might need a tattoo to help ME remember . . .