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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Black Friday Special - All 10 of Snoopi's CDs for $25!!

I do want to tell everyone some exciting news. I am preparing for Black Friday. I am selling all 10 of my CDs for only $25. The reason is, even if you don't want all 10 of my albums, you can give some of them away as gifts. If they enjoy my albums, they can also be educated about AAC. So I hope everyone helps spread the word. My URL is:

There will be a huge Black Friday button on the bottom of my main page. All you do is click on it and hit the Paypal button to buy all of my albums. There might be a couple hours of delay. My friend Blake Roberts will be replying to all of my order emails and sending the passwords. The sale will be on Black Friday and it will probably remain open on Saturday morning until I remove it. So all orders will be honored until that page is shut down.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

Ask Snoopi - Getting Ready for Santa!

Ho Ho Ho!!

Hello and happy holidays. So far I haven't gotten any questions lately. So I thought for this month I want to help some of the kids that are going to tell someone something very important. It might be the most important thing in their entire year. I am all about public education and having a child actually communicate with their device educates everyone around them. If you don't know what the most important thing of the year is, it is telling Santa what you want for Christmas.

This might be a hard thing to prepare for because if a child doesn't have a word in their device, there will be no way for that child to tell Santa what he or she wants. So I would prepare a Santa page. One icon would say "Hi Santa." Another button might say "I can't sit on your lap but I hope you will come close so I can tell you what I want." The hardest icon of all is the button that tells Santa what they want. So I would get a catalog, go through it with the child and have him/her point to what they want so Santa's elves can have it ready. I would have up to three items that the child can tell Santa what they want. And then the next icon might ask Santa for a picture together. After you have it all programmed, I would have the child go over it. That way he/she will be prepared to talk to Santa.

The next thing I would do is go to a mall without the child ahead of time and let Santa know that your child will be talking to him with a device. That way he'll know to wait and know how to interact with the child. That way when the child goes to the mall, it will be a wonderful experience for him or her. And I forgot one thing! You also need an icon to ask for a candy cane from Santa.

I want to remind everyone to send me any questions you may have about AAC. I will do my best to answer them.
I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!
I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

Snoopi Botten

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Workshops in Southern Illinois - December 2013

AAC Language Learning - Trainings for Infinitec in Southern Illinois:

I'll be doing two trainings for Infinitec in early December  in Southern IL.

What:  AAC Language Learning – Can It Be Fun & Interactive?  APPSolutely!  Using Mobile Devices to Support People Who Use AAC

Each workshop will include a CD with many materials!

When & Where:
December 11, Southeastern Special Educaiton, SESE, Ste. Marie, IL
Ste Marie Flyer

December 12, The Garden Place, Red Bud, IL
Red Bud Flyer

Workshops in Chicagoland - Dec 3, 4, & 5!

AAC Language Learning -  Trainings for Infinitec in Chicagoland:

I'll be doing three trainings for Infinitec in early December.
What:  AAC Language Learning – Can It Be Fun & Interactive?  APPSolutely!  Using Mobile Devices to Support People Who Use AAC

Each workshop will include a CD with many materials!

When & Where:
December 3, UCP Infinitec Southwest, Tinley Park
Flyer - Tinley Park

December 4, Greenbelt Cultural Center, North Chicago, IL
Flyer - North Chicago

December 5, Kiswaukee College Conference Center, Malta, IL
Flyer, Malta IL

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Annie's Attic - An Amazing Assortment of Awesomeness!

What Is It?
Annie's Attic is a huge collection of resources for students, including students with disabilities, assembled by Ann Brundige, formerly of Learning Magic Inc.

What's New?
The Attic includes:
- Tutorials Online - tutorials for using and creating with software such as Intellitools Classroom Suite and Clicker
- Goodies Archive - tons of digital images, stories, and other materials to support students in learning and teachers / parents in creative learning tools.  Many of these are from the Goodies section of the former Learning Magic website.

And SO much more!!!  Make sure to visit monthly, because Ann adds materials often!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Picture Dictionary on Steroids!

I’m really enjoying  the Picture Dictionary  app.   Always trying to find new FREE apps and figure out ways that we can use them for multiple purposes.

See my review at our SpedApps2 wiki (link below):

Today we did something different with Picture Dictionary:
1)   One student picked a letter
2)   2nd student found it on Picture Dictionary
3)   3rd student clicked through choices, and picked one to write about (ex:   CAKE)
4)   Each student tried to think of something that started with that letter, with students who use AAC finding it on their device.
5)   Once everyone had one word, we made a silly tongue twister and wrote it on a whiteboard
6)   Next we went to record mode, and each student shared their word, using their natural voice or the voice on the device.  Ex:  C:  The CAT and CAMEL and CATERPILLAR CAUGHT the CAKE  (Words in CAPS are words that students selected).

Then we played it back, and saved it, to play it back again – each student raised their hand to indicate which was their part, and often repeated it.

Finally we saved the tongue twisters to a chart, to be repeated on another day.

Thus, we got to work on:
-       PHONICS:  Finding letters and figuring out other words with the same letter
-       READING:  Re-reading the twister from the whiteboard / chart
-       LISTENING:  Students had to listen for their turn, and pay attention