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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Monday, November 4, 2013

Picture Dictionary on Steroids!

I’m really enjoying  the Picture Dictionary  app.   Always trying to find new FREE apps and figure out ways that we can use them for multiple purposes.

See my review at our SpedApps2 wiki (link below):

Today we did something different with Picture Dictionary:
1)   One student picked a letter
2)   2nd student found it on Picture Dictionary
3)   3rd student clicked through choices, and picked one to write about (ex:   CAKE)
4)   Each student tried to think of something that started with that letter, with students who use AAC finding it on their device.
5)   Once everyone had one word, we made a silly tongue twister and wrote it on a whiteboard
6)   Next we went to record mode, and each student shared their word, using their natural voice or the voice on the device.  Ex:  C:  The CAT and CAMEL and CATERPILLAR CAUGHT the CAKE  (Words in CAPS are words that students selected).

Then we played it back, and saved it, to play it back again – each student raised their hand to indicate which was their part, and often repeated it.

Finally we saved the tongue twisters to a chart, to be repeated on another day.

Thus, we got to work on:
-       PHONICS:  Finding letters and figuring out other words with the same letter
-       READING:  Re-reading the twister from the whiteboard / chart
-       LISTENING:  Students had to listen for their turn, and pay attention

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