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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes: Unforgettable Experiments That Make Science Fun (Steve Spangler)

 My friend Patty Ashby, speech-language pathologist extraordinaire, has used the experiments in this book as kickoff activities to support language and literacy such as:
• Sharing and writing a list of materials
• Describing the experience / photos
• Creating books about the experiment
• Compare / contrast using before / after

Here are Patty's comments about the book:

This book is amazing! My students have been so motivated to come to "Science with Miss Patty" groups.  Students are learning so many skills during the experiments such as new vocabulary, sequencing skills, temporal concepts such as before / after,  descriptors such as slimy, disgusting, amazing, etc.   The activities are excellent for inspiring writing! 

A student told me " I want to be a scientist when I grow up."
                - From Patty Ashby