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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Necklace Books - Project Writing # 1

WHAT:  Necklace books are a fun way to encourage beginning writers!  I have created a slide show to demonstrate how this could be used to support the full writing process.  I recommend NOT doing
this as a one-shot activity, but rather helping students to do the following:
Day 1:
Plan: pick the person to receive it, and brainstorm ideas
- Draft:  get down ideas on paper, but NOT on the final product;  encourage developmental spelling, and use alternative pencils if necessary to support student writing.  DO NOT just tell students what to write down - encourage them to guess, then give evaluative feedback

Day 2:
- Revise: Help students know that it's important to add more, ensure that sentences make sense, etc.  For students who are scribbling, this would be the time to give evaluative feedback on possible meanings of scribbling
- Edit:  Help students with correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
- Publish:  Now students get to make the mini-book necklace!  It's more fun if you have:  colorful paper for covers, various yarn or ribbons for hanging the necklace, and stickers for the cover!

WHO:  This is perfect for students who are beginning to scribble with intent, up to students who are writing full sentences.  So it's a great multi-skill activity!

WHERE:  This project-based writing activity lends itself equally well to multiple settings.
- School:  Because of the multi-ability factor, this is great for many classrooms.  Be sure to use the attached powerpoint to share the lesson!!

- Home:  What a great project to help your child make something for Grandma or some other favorite person.  Note: Don't stress over all of the components from the Powerpoint if you are doing this at home - just make it a time for your child to see that writing is fun!

Link to the Powerpoint slides:  Necklace Books How To

FOLLOW UP:  Consider buying the Klutz book, Making Mini-Books as a holiday present for someone you care about!