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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Light Tech AAC App Backup

WHY:  We all know that light tech backups of AAC systems are crucial for a range of reasons:
- High tech devices can fail
- Light tech is often more visible out of doors
- Light tech is more appropriate for locations such as the beach
- Sometimes light tech just 'fits' the situation better

Families and schools using PODD (Pragmatically Organized Dynamic Displays) on high tech devices such as the Compass app typically also have a light tech version which is widely used also.  However, we have noted that individuals who use other AAC apps often do not have light tech versions.

HOW:  Below is a photo showing how my friend Shelaine has made a version of her son's customization of the  Proloquo-2-Go app.

The side view shows how a notebook can be used as a base, using duct tape and packing tape to create a folding stand.
Here is the video for how to make this stand

Video: How To Make PODD Stand

The third photo shows the Intermediate Core 60 light tech backup for Proloquo2Go.

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