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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, September 18, 2015

Angelman Communication Training Series

What Is It?  The ASF Communication Training Series takes all of the hours of great communication workshops and breaks them down into smaller, digestible parts so that you and your individual with AS can reach her/his greatest communication success at any age. Using web-based teaching, the Series is designed to be sequential and you can join at any time and proceed through the training at your child’s pace of learning.

Who Is This For?  This series is designed for parents and other family members of students with Angelman Syndrome.  But it is open to everyone.  This includes:
- Special Ed teachers
- General Ed teachers
- Speech-language therapists
- Occupational and physical therapists
- Administrators, psychologists, and anyone else who is interested!

How Much Does It Cost?
The series is FREE, and is made available by the Angelman Syndrome Foundation and a generous grant from The Foster Family Charitable Foundation, a family foundation established in central California.

Where Can I Get More Info, and How Do I Register?

Go to the home page of www.angelman.org 

Click on the Communication Training link to read more about the project and get started!

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