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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Sunday, November 23, 2014

We Give Books Website

We  Give Books Website

Thanks to Dr. Gretchen Hanser for suggesting this website.  It’s a GREAT way to make books accessible for multiple purposes.

This free website has combined We Give Books and First Book to provide hundreds of books.  The two organizations combine public and private resources to make books accessible online.  While you have to sign up and log in (yes, another pesky password!) you then have easy access to books on your computer.

Here are a few ways to use We Give Books:

Books for Shared Reading:  Connect your computer to a projector and your books are enlarged so that all students can see them
Easily Accessible Books for Switch Users:  This website uses right arrow to go forward and left arrow to go back.  Just add a computer switch interface (e.g., Don Johnston Switch Interface; Crick Switch Interface) and two switches, and students can turn the page and also go back
Paired Reading:  One student can turn the page while a partner reads aloud.  This could be a great combination for a student who uses a switch and another who is working on building reading fluency.

Range of Books:

This website has a wide range of
Genre:  Nature / science;  art / music / dance; family;  friendship;  history, etc.
Age:  0-3; 4-7; 8-10;  11-13
Author: A wide range of authors is included, with many titles from the DK series

Note that many of the nonfiction books would be age-respectful for older students.  For example, a page from the DK book, Snakes Slither and Hiss is shown below.


  1. Thanks for sharing this website, Caroline. What a great resource! The pages were a bit on the small side, but I discovered that if you zoom smaller (ie: 75% works great!), the book is enlarged to make the print easier to read. Larger print is helpful for kids with head movements. :0)

  2. What a fabulous website! I can't wait to share it with other SLPs I know, too. I may write a post on my blog, linking to yours to spread the word - I talk a lot about shared reading on my blog (http://kidzlearnlanguage.blogspot.com) if that's ok with you.


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