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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Scavenger Hunt - Tech-Wise!

Scavenger Hunt Using Talking Pens

Last week we had the TLC Statewide Arizona Assistive Technology for Communication series in Phoenix.  One of the team 'gifts' was the Anybook Reader from Franklin Electronics.  We challenged the groups to come up with great ideas for using their readers.  Here's a creative idea for introducing technology to ALL students!  This strategy would work with a variety of talking pens!

By placing the pre-recorded stickers around the school campus, you could set up an individual or small group scavenger hunt to help new students become familiar with a new campus. This would help the new students be comfortable and engaged in their orientation of a new campus, and it prepares the new student for all of the exciting technologies used at a new school.

Example: a sticker by the bathroom door would lead to the bathroom rules (i.e.. wash your hands, make sure lights are turned off, respect the bathroom and keep it clean for the next student, etc). After rules are stated, a short riddle would lead them to the next sticker.

Prepared by Lindsay Creighton, Jeremy Nelson and Ryan Levitt from Flagstaff Junior Academy; Flagstaff, AZ
Anybook Reader

Echo Pen

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