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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Saturday, February 9, 2013

HelpKidsLearn Website

Many of you will know about this already, but just in case . . . 

This website is fantastic for switch users everywhere! They offer a huge range of fun, accessible games.  These games can be played online, and new games are added frequently. For each activity, switch settings may be manipulated.

Categories include:
Early Years:  Even the most simple ‘cause-effect’ style games have style and pizzazz!  For example, Mystery Egg provides:
• A range of differently-colored eggs
• Multiple characters (monsters, dragons, a penguin) that pop out
• Varied music reinforcement

Games:  These include typical switch games such as Space Shooters, sports games such as Hurdle Champion, and obstacle games such as Little Lost Penguin.

Stories:  This section presents visual stories and songs, such as counting songs.  For all of the activities, the graphics are well-done, and often not too young, so that students in ‘double-digits’ (10 and up!) can still enjoy the activities.  In addition, music is not babyish, and story concepts are clever.  For example, the story Car Wash offers:
• Multiple scenes, so that students can predict ahead (car wash running, handsome young man in a convertible drives up . . .  !!!)  
• Highly engaging graphics, such as water spouting from the young man’s mouth after he goes through the car wash, top down!

Creative:  Explore your creative side with activities such as Card Maker and Train Tracker.

Find Out:  This set offers exploration of numbers, time, the keyboard and more.

You just might find this the best $16 you spend each year (the cost for a single user)!!

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