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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Good News / Bad New Stories

 What Are They?  Good news / bad news are stories that have both good and bad parts, so that students who use AAC can practice giving:

Positive Comments:  Using core language (THAT IS GOOD.  I LIKE THAT) or pre-stored comments (WOW, WONDERFUL, GREAT, COOL).

 • Negative Comments:  Using core language (NOT GOOD.  THAT IS BAD.  DON'T LIKE) 
or pre-stored comments (YIKES, YUCK, OH NO.  UH-OH.  OOPS.  BUMMER).

 •Neutral Comments:  Using core language (REALLY.  INTERESTING) or pre-stored comments (WELL, OKAY).

Where Can You Find These Stories?  Many children's books have good and bad parts, to allow students to practice their commenting.  Wordless videos such as Simon's Cat also offer excellent – and highly engaging opportunities to practice.

How Can You Practice?  Glad you asked!  Krista and I have created tow Tarheel Reader books that can serve as a 'tutorial' – for families, teachers, paras, and educators.  Please use these stories with your students to help them be more successful thinking of comments for good news and bad news!!

This book is in story format.  It tells of the trials and tribulations of a young girl whose kitty has gone missing.  Join her to practice giving feedback to the girl about her search for her kitty.  

The Good News / Bad News about cooking follows a story about cooking Mac and Cheese, 
and the ups and downs that happen while cooking  We can all relate to that, right?

`The book also gives advice from Krista on why using comments when you hear good news or bad news is really important.   

So go to www.tarheelreader.org , choose Find a Book, and search for Krista H to find these powerful books!!

And THANKS to Columbia Regional Inclusive Services for supporting this project!!

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