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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Customize Your Comments Book

 Customize Your Comments - The Book!

What?  This is a fun book that was a collaboration by me and Krista Howard.  Krista uses an AAC device and is a model, mentor, presenter, and author.  This book gives ideas of why people who use AAC should customize their comments, and also shows examples of positive both positive and negative comments.

Where?  Find this free book at Tarheel Reader.  Here's the direct link:


Why?  As you will see in the book, Krista has many ideas about why customizing comments is important.  

How?  Use this book to:

• Share with people who are on their journey of learning about AAC (teachers, paras, speech-language pathologists, SLPAs), and may not have realized the importance of customizing comments. 

• Share with families, so they can support their children in picking words to customize aking comments

• Read the book with people who use AAC and work with them (and hopefully their peers) to choose comments that will reflect their personalities!

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