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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, April 8, 2022

Student-Constructed Definitions for Vocabulary Password

 What Is Vocabulary Password?

It's a fun game to help all students – but especially students who use AAC – learn how to use simple words (e.g., core words) to give and understand definitions of complex words that might not be on their communication devices.  For more examples, see the related blogposts:



Encourage Students to Co-Construct Definitions

After you've modeled the descriptive teaching method for many complex words (e.g., simplifying 'circumference' as GOING ALL AROUND A CIRCLE), it's time to have students begin co-constructing definitions.  Here is an example of a co-constructed definition of a pirate, done by a team of students using AAC systems.  All words in CAPS were shared on devices, and words in BOLD were provided by students.  

Play Password, Using the Student-Created Definitions

Wait a day or two, then assess students.  Read their definitions to them, and show four images
from the story / unit, and have them determine which image matches the definition.  You can do this with slideshows (PowerPoint, Keynote, Slides), as shown on the left.

You could also play this light tech (printing out actual images), or by using an online game
such as Open the Box Quiz from Wordwall:  https://wordwall.net/ as shown on the right.  Whatever approach you pick, have fun and keep learning!!

And remember . .  . 

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