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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Mystery Puzzles: Animated Step-by-Steps®!

Mystery Puzzles:  Animated Step-by-Steps® 

by Dr. Carol Goossens

Mystery Puzzles are Animated Step-by-Steps® designed to provide students using direct selection, with practice recognizing letters/numbers in sequential order.  If the child is using a switch, alphabet/number knowledge is not required; across slides a switch click removes one puzzle piece while simultaneously providing stimulation by announcing the number/letter of that puzzle piece being removed.  Please note this resource does not target scanning but rather targets motor practice in accessing a switch.

Each puzzle size (e.g. 4-piece puzzle, 9-piece puzzle, 16-piece puzzle)
has a series of slides, each targeting the 'next' letter in the alphabet sequence.

For example:
Slide 1 -  "Find a" in the lettered puzzle array
Slide 2 -  "Find b" in the lettered puzzle array
Slide 3 -  "Find c" in the lettered puzzle array . . . etc.

Whenever the child using direct selection selects the requested correct letter/number, that puzzle piece is removed revealing the portion of the underlying picture; the letter/number name is heard. If the child is using a switch for access the process is errorless. They hear the command 'Find a' and a click of their switch removes the puzzle labeled "a".

Whenever the child, using direct selection, touches the wrong requested number /letter, a mildly negative  "huhugh" is heard; the underlying portion of the image is NOT revealed.
This is not an issue with children using a switch, as the process is errorless.

When the picture is fully revealed … the child is rewarded with a cheering sound effect.

Instructions are provided for using photos from a picture library that is included with the resource. Instructions are also provided for using pictures of your choosing, e.g., 'mystery' photo faces of classmates, therapists or family members. How fun is that?

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