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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, March 8, 2019

CVI Resources Follow-up to AAC in the Desert 2019

 Compiled by Dorney, Hanser, Sheldon, Musselwhite & Wagner

Following AAC in the Desert, 2019, this list was composed for people who are interested in learning more about how to support the language and literacy skills of students who have Cortical Vision Impairments (CVI).  We have also included links that Kathryn Dorney shared on the Facebook Group AAC for SLPs.

Our Presentations and Publications:
  • Hanser & Wagner, ATIA 2018 & 2019.  Using PowerPoint to Adapt Books for Students with CVI 
  • Hanser, Tips for 2017. www.aacintervention.com Tip #7:  Making PowerPoint Books for Students with CVI
  • Wagner, ISAAC 2018.  Using PowerPoint Books to Support Communication & Literacy for Students with CVI
  • Wagner, Tips for 2018. www.aacintervention.com Tip #6: Building Vision for Communication, An Example for PHASE I Applications. Tip # 7: Integrating Vision with Communication, Examples for PHASE II CVI

Resources for Collaborative Input

CVI Webinars & Videos

CVI Websites for Continuing Ed, Tips and Ideas

  • Drawing from the work of Gordon Dutton, and including ideas and strategies shared by parents, caregivers and those affected by CVI, this website provides information about visual characteristics and profiles for CVI, processing at different levels of the brain, and functional vision.  Language learning emphasis is on the individual, drawing from experiences that are perceivable, meaningful and motivational, in order to build knowledge and understanding https://cviscotland.org/documents.php
  • WonderBaby.org is dedicated to helping parents of young children with visual impairments as well as children with multiple disabilities. Here you’ll find a database of articles written by parents who want to share with others what they’ve learned about playing with and teaching a blind child, as well as links to meaningful resources and ways to connect with other families. http://www.wonderbaby.org/  

Look for Some Electronic Books...

CVI Friendly Book Authoring Apps
  • Pictello App (currently $19.99)
  • Book Creator App (currently $4.99) 
  • Explain Everything App ($13.99 Explain EDU version)

Downloading/Resizing Videos


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American Printing House for the Blind..  ISBN-10 / ISBN-13: 1616480076 / 978-1616480073

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