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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Thanksgiving Memories - Open Ended Writing Prompts

WHAT:  These two writing prompts are designed to scaffold writing for struggling writers.  For beginning and early conventional writers, writing a personal narrative can be hard.  Paragraph frames can provide one support.  However, students should also engage in truly open-ended journaling, without frames!

WHERE:  These are two of hundreds of writing supports from the are from the Write to Talk CD (Light Tech Writing / Paragraph Frames).  To order the CD contents in dropbox, contact Caroline and say that you saw this blog post - you can get access to the dropbox for $10 (instead of $35 + p & h ordering online).

HOW:  Give as little 'help' as possible.  Encourage students to use the alphabet as much as possible.  Students who use AAC may also use their communication devices, but always encourage writing with the alphabet, to help students say exactly what they want to say. 

Thanksgiving Memory Short
This is designed for beginning writers.  Note that the prompts can have many different responses, including humorous answers.  For example:
• 'It was' - the response could be: feelings (happy, boring, crazy), describing words (busy).
• 'I got to' - this could yield action words (watch TV), EAT (lists of food eaten), SEE (lists of people), GO (places).
• ' My favorite part was' - might yield nouns such as (FOOD, FOOTBALL, FAMILY), places. etc.

This version supports students in writing a full paragraph, but includes transition prompts.



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