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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Laugh and Learn

WHAT:  This is just a reminder to take time in your busy classroom or therapy or home schedule to make learning FUN.  While this seems entirely obvious, I don't always see it in action.

WHY:  Consider the latest UDL Guidelines.  You can find them at the link below:


High interest, fun, and engaging activities can support both recruiting interest and sustaining effort and persistence.

HOWBelow are a few ways to up the Fun Factor, while still maintaining task focus and purpose:
1) Add an App! A few examples:
a) Supporting students in asking simple yes/ no questions with their devices?  Use a 'magic 8 ball' type of app, such as:  Your Magic Crystal Ball
See more ideas here:  
Asking Questions
b) Asking students to find items on their device or answer rote questions?  Present them from a 'name picking' app such as:  Random Name Selector Starter

c) Celebrating Writing?  Use an app with fun audio or video presentation such as Auto Rap or Word Salad or PicCollage or Path On Swipe to Type

2) Use a Highly Targeted Video
Too often, videos are used for 'babysitting' - that is NOT what I'm talking about.
Try 'Wordless Videos' stopping often for comments, questions, etc.
See the Tip # 3, 2018 at:  www.aacintervention.com 

3) Read a Clever Book
For young children through adults, you're never too old to enjoy a fun book.  Use these books for Shared Reading, modeling language on the student's AAC device and having opportunities to make connections:  Text to self, Text to text, and text to world.  So many books, so little time!  A few samples:
That's Disgusting by Pittau & Gervais

Little Critter Books

Story of the Little Mole

Have fun!  You might just catch your students laughing.  And learning!

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  1. Amanda Hartmann recommends “Pirahnas Don’t Eat Bananas” and when she says it, the words rhyme!


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