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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Thursday, May 5, 2016

When Can We Go? Core Set 9 Book

Books are always a fun way to explore core language.

But REMEMBER - just enjoy reading the book, pointing at and talking about the text, THEN use light or high tech communication sets to talk about the books, pointing out the core words.  This should not be a test, but a fun social interaction!!

Book for Core 9:  WHEN  FINISHED  CAN  HERE

The Challenge:  To create a book highlighting target core words, but to keep in:
a) Engaging (so that students will want to read it multiple times)
b) Connected to Life (so that we can make text to self connections) 

The Book:  When Can We Go

Target Audience: 
- Students who are emergent or transitional readers (including older students); 
- Any age student who is working on learning core vocabulary on an AAC system 

When Can We Go Link

Tips for Extending This Book!

• After you read this book multiple times, start referring to it in real life.  Examples:
• WHEN CAN WE GO to the park?
• Hey!  DAD is HERE.  WE CAN GO!
• WHEN I FINISH my e-mail we CAN GO
• WHEN CAN WE GO?  WHEN  I find my purse / keys / coat.
• WHEN CAN WE GO?  WHEN YOU get dressed / brush your teeth / etc.
• WHERE IS my purse / keys / scarf?
Most Important?  Make it FUN!!!

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