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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Monday, October 26, 2015

Tarheel Reader - A Few Great Authors!

Below are a few great authors on Tarheel Reader:

Reed A Booke (a.k.a., David Koppenhaver!)
Features Include:
- Both explicit and subtle humor
- Lots of practice with pronouns (ex: He blew it; she knew it)
-  Fun use of homophones (ex:  knew / gnu; X / eggs)
- Some alliteration (ex:  My Friend Loves to Eat)

CLDS (Center for Literacy and Disability Studies)
Features include:
- Chapter summaries of book classics (e.g., Blue Shoes summarizes the book Holes, but does not give away the ending)
- Predictable books, with repeated language (e.g., However You Dance)
- Caption books, or pictures with a single word, such as 'waking' or 'swimming' to describe each page (e.g., My Action Words Book )

Jane Farrall (literacy guru from Australia)
Features include:
- Engaging books about fashion ( I Like Earrings; Lipstick )
- Books about pop culture ( Spiderman; Shrek; Taylor Swift )
- Alphabet books (e.g., Z to A) and letter books (e.g., S is for Shopping)
- Concept books (Light;  Ice)
- Great books about Australia (Captain James Cook - Explorer; Koalas)

DLM (Dynamic Learning Maps)
Features include:
- Frequent use of repeated lines (e.g., "Tom got in trouble." from Tom's in Trouble)
- Books connected to classic literature, such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (e.g., Aunt Polly;  Tom's Fence; Tom's Adventurous Day). 
- Some of the literature-related books help students think about concepts such as making choices that get you into trouble, vs making better choices (e.g., Trouble)
- Changing carrier phrases such as "Cats like ______" and "Cats chase" (What Do Cats Do)

Features include:
- Great chapter summaries with photos for chapters of classic literature that are part of the common core (e.g., About Hatchet:  About Tuck Everlasting; About Shiloh)
- Predictable books, such as "There can't be too much ________." from In My World.
-  Books that tap into important feelings (e.g., Not Afraid; My Pet, My Friend)



  1. In case folks are checking out this post and haven't heard the great news, you can now easily convert any book on Tarheel Reader to Pictello! Check out the converter here: http://www.assistiveware.com/tar-heel-reader-pictello-converter. Thanks so much for this, Caroline!

  2. Thanks for pointing me to some good authors. I have been sharing the news that you can now "Pictello" books.


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