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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Making the Alphabet Useful . . . and FUN! Hangman!

WHAT:  I don’t think I need to tell you what Hangman is – we all know and love it! Thanks to Yvonne Adrienne Hamrick for reminding me of the power of Hangman!

WHY:  Hangman is great for helping students have FUN with the alphabet.  They can explore the alphabet and learn about letters, and where they go in building words.  Most importantly, this is an INTERACTIVE way to engage in alphabet exploration!

HOW:  Hangman can be played using:
1)   The student’s alphabet, whether light tech or high tech.  Whatever system the child is using is great.  For example:
a)    Jen uses an alphabet flipbook.  When she plays Hangman with her brother, she pics a letter, any letter.  He then puts it into the Hangman game and together, they cheer . . . or groan.  Her brother makes sure to name the letter that she picks, both from her system, and when he puts it into the game.

b)   Jesus uses the alphabet page on his iPad AAC app.  He plays Hangman with his Communication Circle.  When he picks a letter, one of his friends calls out the letter, then uses the Hangman app and types the letter in, naming it again.  The app they use is described in the Spedapps2 wiki: 

c)    Marcus plays hangman using the Melissa & Doug Travel Hangman set.  He plays with his Dad, and it’s big fun for both of them!  Every time Marcus picks a letter (using the alphabet page on his PODD), his Dad calls out the letter, then puts it into the Hangman set, calling it out again.  Marcus’s brother sometimes whispers clues to him, and Marcus is becoming adept at finding letters his brother suggests.


  1. I would play this with my students to guess what we were learning about. Thank you for the specific details, that is very helpful! BRING BACK HANGMAN!!

  2. Just a reminder that several computerized AAC devices have Hangman games for download. Hurray for multiple modes of access!


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