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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, January 9, 2015

HelpKIdzLearn Website

I realized that some people still don't know about this website, so wanted to share!  This is a subscription website - with a free sample for each area, but well worth joining!


The Games and Activities section presents six categories:
Early Years:   Presents activities such as:  'Touch to Jump' - students touch a character (using mouse, touchpad, switches, or eyegaze) as it moves around the screen - when the character gets to the spotlight it gives a fun musical performance

Games:  A sample is 'Hurdle Champion' in which students have to wait to make the champion jump when s/he is at the hurdle

Stories:  This set includes many '5 Little' such as witches, dinosaurs, aliens, etc.  They include the song, counting up, and counting along, each of which requires different skills.

Creative:  Allows students to use switches, mouse, etc. to engage in activities such as building a sand castle, making music, and painting.

Find Out:  This category includes a range of activities such as looking for treasures and exploring emotions.

Most of these activities are designed to support students who are struggling with access, including touch, switch, and eye gaze. 

They support repetition with variation, with clever, delightful graphics and animation.  For example, in 'Touch to Jump' multiple characters play a range of instruments including:
- Scottish bagpiper
- old man sitting in bed playing a tune on his dishes
- skeleton playing a xylophone made of bones
- And many many more!!

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