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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Enlarged Keyboards and iPad

Using Enlarged Keyboards With the iPad:
 Did you know that many keyboards work easily with an iPad?
All you need is the keyboard and a USB camera adaptor.
One very inexpensive keyboard to try is EZ Eyes Keyboard:
• In Canada, they are available at Dollorama for $3
• Order online (ex:  Walmart is currently has them for $8.53)

Simplifying the Keyboard:
 Here’s a tip from Sarah (teacher and Mom extraordinaire!)
• Remove (pop off) any keys your student won’t need (ex:  function keys)
• Consider removing the top # keys, as they are visually busy
• Cover the key slots with black electrical tape

Step-by-Step Instructions for using keyboards:

1)   Go to a page that accepts text (ex: Keynote; AbiliPad; text page in Proloquo2Go)
2)   Attach adaptor to end of keyboard cable
3)   Plug in keyboard
4)   You will get a message indicating that the keyboard won’t work – click OK
5)   Make sure you have a cursor, then start typing!

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