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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Poetry Power Book & CD

This book / CD combo by Caroline Musselwhite and Deanna Wagner supports poetry response, poetry performance, and poetry writing for individuals with disabilities, including people who use AAC.  The 22-page book is available in .pdf or paper format.  The CD includes:
- The Poetry Power book
- Hundreds of poetry starter ideas in several formats:
• Classroom Suite
• Clicker
• Light tech (Word, including many fillable Word documents)

Multiple types of poetry are addressed including:
• Color poems (Red feels ________)
• Comparison poems (I used to be _______ but now I am ________)
• List poems and poetry starters (I am _____;  My Mom _______; My state _____; At the beach _______)
• Poetry parody (changing familiar poems to make them new)
• Senses poems (Spring looks / feels / tastes, etc)
• Valentine's poetry
• Wish poems (I wish I could / was / had)
• Wordsmithing (3 x 3; Acrostics; Add-a-word;  Cinquains).

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