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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Do / We Do / You Do

I Do / We Do / You Do  - Framework from Alex Dunn

I was lucky to be able to visit a school supported by Alex Dunn while in Kingston last week.  Alex is using this framework to support capacity building for teachers.  It feels like an 'easy fit' because it makes so much sense.  In fact, I think many of us are striving towards this framework, but having the simple language makes it easier to explain.  In a nutshell, when introducing new strategies and / or technology:

I Do:  The consultant models the strategy / technology with target students, using talk-alouds.  For example, the consultant introduces the concept of playing Wordo to support phonics, while using technology to meet the needs of individual students (e.g., Go Talk Now app, Doodle Buddy).  The teacher / therapist watches and takes notes if needed.
We Do:  The consultant and teacher / therapist co-teach  strategy / technology.  For example, the teacher selects words for Wordo , and both identify and set up the appropriate technology to meet the needs of individual students.  They discuss the activity after, discussing what worked and what needs to be tweaked.
You Do:  The teacher / therapist uses the strategy / technology.    The consultant  watches and notes what's working and what still needs to be tweaked, then the two meet very briefly to make changes.

The beauty of this framework is the simplicity.  Everyone can understand the language, and can see where they are in the ongoing process.  Please note that these are not one-step stages.  For example, with especially difficult strategies / technologies, or with individuals who are very new to either teaching or the technology, the I Do and We Do stages may be of longer duration, or there may be recursive action (ex:  I Do, We Do, I Do, We Do, You Do). 

Thanks to Alex for another example of her brilliance.  I hope I did her framework justice!

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