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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

QUICK! Holiday Apps & Ideas!

Christmasfy Me 

Fun app for taking a photo and adding Santa hat, beard, etc.

Idea:  I was working with a student working on access on her device.  We used hide / show to isolate GO & STOP.
Ex:  Okay, the beard (GO = make it bigger;  STOP = stop)

Christmas Sounds Free
Lots of sound effect apps but this one combines 16 good pics and interesting. sounds.
Idea:  We used this as impetus for a 'playlet' for a Communication Circle with a 5th grader using an AAC device.   Each student chose a sound, and wrote a line about it . . . using the device.  Then we performed it for family and friends.  FUN!

American Greetings eCard

Fantastic free app!  Great videos to watch & include.  Must be online to use videos.
Ideas:  Watch the video and comment, narrate, etc. before completing the card.
 I would love to have people share great Hanukkah or Kwanzaa apps that you've found.  ENJOY!!!

Word Spree Xmas

This very fun 'mad libs' has great Christmas story.
Idea:  Look ahead and have students write their guesses.  Use alternative pencils such as Alphabet Flipboards from the Center For Literacy and Disability Studies.
Alternative Pencil Link
Or you could download an AlphaBoard from AAC Intervention (Tip, Feb 2010):
AAC Intervention Website

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