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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

JustWink App - Let's Ask for a G-Rated Version!!

 Just Wink is one of my FAVORITE apps . . . except!

You're in a classroom . . . sitting with, say, 4th graders.

You think you've found the perfect category of cards (Birthday, for Whoever).

So, you click on a card that says, "Sorry I didn't get you a gift"

And it opens . . . Whoops!  a (semi) curse word.

Now I am NOT a prude . . . but I do want to keep my job.

And you just can't judge these cards by their covers.  I've been burned again and again, and am just not using these with students.

Let's start a campaign to ask for JustWinkKids.  All the fun of these wonderful cards, without the PG13 rating!!

Here's what you do . . .
1) Go to this website:
Just Wink Website
2) Scroll to the bottom of the page
3) Click on 'Survey' and take their survey
4) When they ask if you would recommend the app, tell them 'very unlikely' then explain that you want a G-rated JustWinkKids

That's it!

We can change the world . . . an app at a time!

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