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Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem to Refrigerator Magnet!

Turn your poem into a refrigerator magnet! This is another in my series of celebrating creativity, both light and high tech. Remember, when you simply print a piece of writing, it goes on the refrigerator for 3.7 months, then goes into:
a) The Circular File (yes, the trash can), or
b) The Box . . . in the back of the closet

But if you turn your writing into a work of art, it will be enjoyed for longer, perhaps forever! Here are the steps for turning a poem into a refrigerator magnet.
1) Print out the poem, in smaller format (no larger than 5" x 7"). This shows a poem I wrote for my wonderful friend Harvey, for his birthday.
(Note: I did a list poem, using wordle. That is, words I wanted to be larger were typed multiple times. See directions in the April tip at my website:
2) Laminate the poem
3) Add stickyback magnet (from Michaels or other craft store)

This is inexpensive, but guaranteed to be a 'keeper'!

Thanks to Sarah Blackstone for this idea!

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