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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Musselwhite Bingo!

Musselwhite Bingo

Teachers often use bingo for activities such as developing quick recognition of sight words (knowing that students need to read those high frequency words in ¼ second to enhance comprehension). Here’s a new twist on bingo, to keep students engaged.

First, as many others recommend (e.g., Cheryl Sigmon, http://www.cherylsigmon.com/, Word Wall Activities, www.teachingfirst.net ), it’s better if students write their own words, instead of just handing them a bingo board. That connects the reading and writing, and gives an authentic purpose for writing Word Wall words. Also, that ensures that students have the words in different locations.

Now, for the fun, Musselwhite:

1st bingo = Bingo

2nd bingo = Tingo

3rd bingo = Thringo (are you getting the pattern here?)

4th bingo = Fingo

5th bingo = Pingo (why? Because a pentagon has 5 sides)

You’ll find that students stay on task far longer, and respond more quickly, trying to get to that next level!

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