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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Doodle Buddy & Stick Man!

Doodle Buddy & Stick Man:  Teletherapy Learning and FUN!

WHAT:  DoodleBuddy is one of my favorite FREE apps! Stick Man is the game where one person thinks of a phrase, and others try to guess the word.  When they get it wrong, you get to add a body part.  If you build the whole 'Stick Man' before they guess the phrase, you win!

WHY:  This activity is great for students who are early writers because they have to think about how words are spelled, what words go together, etc.  But it's also wonderful for emergent writers who are learning the alphabet.  They can use an 'alternative pencil' (Hanser, 2020) to pick a letter.  

Doodle Buddy:  Get a solid background.  Pick the chalk in a high contrast color and start playing!

Partners make a big deal:  
'You picked a D.  That represents the /d/ sound.  Let's see if there's a D in my sentence.  Yes!  There is a D right here <writes it> and here <writes it>.  D was a great guess - there are two Ds in my sentence!'   
Or, 'An E you say?  E is a vowel.  It represents the /e/ sound.  Uh-oh, there are no Es in my sentence.  I get to add a head!'

Connecting your iPad:  You can do this several ways:
1) Share Screen:  I prefer to connect my iPad or iPhone with the USB cable, because then I don't have to worry about both the wifi signal and bluetooth!!
2) Use a Document Camera:  You can also use a document camera to show your iPad screen.  



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