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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, August 26, 2016

VIdeo Reaction: Funny Movie Maker

 WHAT:  Evelyn got to pick whether to do a 'mini-review' of a book, video, or poem.  She picked a video, then chose to watch a funny cat video. 

HOW:  We watched it several times, stopping for me to model  comments (ex:  FUNNY;  SO SILLY;  HE JUMP;  LOOK;  WHERE GO?) and Evelyn to make her own comments.
BESIDE (the cat was BESIDE the mirror)
STUCK (the cat was stuck in one place)
PRETTY (very pretty cat!)

Publishing:  We then made sure the words BESIDE STUCK PRETTY (Ev's words) were in the message window, then I used the app Funny Movie Maker to celebrate her writing.
Funny Movie Maker app link

Watch the video using the link below!  Yes, you see Evelyn's mouth where the cat's mouth should be, and you hear the words from her device.  
Cat Funny Movie Maker

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