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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Friday, August 26, 2016

Book Review: Pic Collage!

WHAT:  I read a book to Evelyn, and we talked about it, modeling on her communication device.  Then she reacted to various pages using her device, and we shared the results with friends and family.

1) Read the Book:  Is Apatosaurus Okay?  A Smithsonian app from Oceanhouse Media.
Is Apatasaurus Okay app

2) Took screenshots of selected pages (stored in iPad Photo Library)

3) Showed the pages and invited Evelyn to comment
(Note:  I started the first one by finding APATOSAURUS on her device)
 All other parts are self-generated.
The comment BLEEDS refers to other dinosaurs fighting her.  FALL IN refers to apatosaurus at the river.  STUCK refers to how mucky and marshy the ground was, and STOMP FAST tells how she's trying to get away.  FEELINGS indicates that there was lots of drama and high emotion in this story!
Finally, I  asked how many stars, and she picked 5.

4) Added her comments on the pictures, using fun colors and fonts for engagement.

5) E-mailed the final product to myself and her family


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