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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Names Book: – 10 Years Old and Still a GREAT Resource!!

The Names Book:  Using Names to Teach Reading, Writing, and Math in the Primary Grades, by Dorothy Hall & Patricia Cunningham (2004)

Names are powerful for all of us.  I am always thrilled to see how many students who are considered to have significant intellectual impairment are able to recognize the names of so many of their classmates.  This is likely due to two factors:
1)   Names are important to all of us
2)   We actually teach names, even if incidentally, using name cards during Circle Time/ Morning Meeting, for schedules, etc.

If students are able to learn to recognize their names as sight words, how much more could we do using their names for instruction?  Hall and Cunningham have done this, using names to support emergent and early conventional writing (e.g., Predictable Chart Writing), phonemic awareness and phonics, and math skills.  This book is clearly written and presents ideas in a way that will support teachers, aides, therapists, and parents.  Enjoy!

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