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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Shop Quote by Kelly Fonner

Shop on Your Own Computer (or Tablet) First

by Kelly Fonner

This quote reflects tow Big Ideas:

1) Saving money:  Assistive technology is often delayed or not used due to funding issues.  Kelly's quote reminds us that often we HAVE the tools we need on our computer, iPad etc.  Here are a few examples:

a) MS Word can be used to speak text, create multiple choice boxes, offer fill-in-the blanks, etc.

b) Many school districts do large buys of software such as Inspiration or Classroom Suite - teachers may only need to ask to have this software 'appear' on their classroom computers

c) Apps such as Keynote may come free with the iPad, and  PicCollage is a free app widely used by many school districts.

2) Comfort Zone:  Most people have 'fallback' software or apps that they are comfortable using.  Samples include MS Word, Keynote, Sticky and PicCollage.  If we show parents, educators, and therapists creative ways to use these tools to provide access or scaffolding for students with disabilities, they are far more likely to follow through.

So, please think about
using already existing software and apps, to save time and money!

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