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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Find the Word - Using the Open the Box template from https://wordwall.net/

Find the Word 

Using the Open the Box template from https://wordwall.net/

What Is Find the Word?  This is an activity where students are trying to find words on their AAC systems, game boards, word walls, etc.  Samples include:

Word Wall Words. Example, introducing you 5 new word wall words each week (or 3, 4 etc)

Core Words of the Week / Month.  PrAACtical AAC suggests the Year of Core Words, with new words each month.  Here's a link to multiple posts:  https://praacticalaac.org/?s=year+of+core+words

Vocabulary Words.  Teachers might be introducing vocabulary words for science or social studies units.  While these are typically not all added to AAC systems, they are often included on lists that students can access.

Why Use the Open Box Template from Wordwall?  In a word – engagement!  Just saying 'find ____' can be incredibly boring, whether students are finding the words on their AAC systems, on a game board, or on a word wall (or all 3!)  So, using the Open the Box template adds fun.  It takes minimal time to set up and to use, but adds maximal engagement.

How to Create It.  
Just use the 'Open the Box' template, and quickly add each of the target words.  DO NOT ADD PICTURES!  Remember, we want students to (eventually) read the words.  Adding picturewil not support reading the words!  The image on the right shows a word wall using the Wild West theme (always a winner).   Here's a link to that activity, so you can play with it for free:  https://wordwall.net/resource/24706319

How to Use It.  First pick a theme.  Currently, there are 6 themes (shown below) for the Open the Box template.  New ones are being added – for example, the Christmas theme was new in December!

Note that each box has a number.  Students can use their AAC systems or sign the # that they want.  While this is a very simple template, it can greatly reduce student distraction.

Tweaking the Game.  The image on the right shows the 'December Core Words' using the TV Game Show Theme.  Note that I
chose to have 4 columns and 3 rows, because that was the optimum 'fit' for this number of boxes, so that the words could be as large as possible.  To do that, I manipulated the options, as shown on the image below.  ENJOY!!


Musselwhite, C.  Wonderful Word Wall Fun:  Tips, Tools, and Templates.

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