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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Monday, September 5, 2016

ZOYO's Frozen Yogurt:  AAC in the Community

We had so much fun at Out & About last week.

First, some of us planned ahead and came dressed in pajama's for discounts.  Awesome way for us to practice giving compliments!

Next, we met new people and practiced our social pages:  telling "about me" and asking "about you." We met a new 3 year old who is just learning to use his device.  We all agree, he is so cute!

Then, we talked about yogurt.  Katie looked up the difference on the internet and shared some notes with us.  Most interestingly, yogurt is better for your tummy and has less milk fat than ice cream.  There was no ice cream at this place!  They did have sherbet for people who cannot have milk.  We also looked this up and found out that sherbet is made from ice and fruit puree.  Not quite sure how they came up with a chocolate sherbet, so of course we had to taste that.

Everybody had a chance to taste or touch the yogurt.  Our new little guy looked and put his fingers in to share his thoughts.  Each person wrote a descriptive post-it note (just a few words, everyone with a different message depending on level of device sophistication).  The tasting cups were tiny, so we talked about sizes and how to ask for help to get a big cup with a preferred flavor in it.  That led to a discussion of toppings!

The toppings at this place were varied, from cookies and candies to fruit and nuts.  There was also a note on the wall above the gummy treats indicating "this section not Kosher."  Another opportunity to talk about choices and listening when parents (or clergy) say you can't eat something that looks good.

Finally, we ate our treats and each of us had a chance to share what we think about the choices we made for yogurt (or sherbet) and toppings.  We looked at pictures and reviews on Yelp!  I suppose I should get an official account and write up our reviews when we do these activities.  We enjoyed looking at what others had to say.  I am hoping to see a post on Sidney's blog:  http://sidneydaswick.blogspot.com

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