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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Direct Selection Light Tech Alphabets

WHAT:  Direct selection light tech alphabets simply refer to paper version of the entire alphabet.  Many teachers provide a strip across the top of the desk for beginning writers, so that they can be reminded of the forms of each letter.  Other students might need more supports.  This post shares two very simple alphabet charts. 
• Alphabet Order:  In this chart letters are presented from A - Z, with vowels on the left side of the chart in red   

Download  ABC AlphaBoard Below:
ABC AlphaBoard
• Qwerty Order:  This chart presents letters in the format of a computer keyboard.

For each alphabet, it is recommend that lower case be on one side, with upper case on the flip side.

Download Qwerty AlphaBoard Below:
Qwerty AlphaBoard

WHO:   Light tech alphabets can offer great support to students who are unable to write using traditional pencils, but also for students who struggle with traditional pencils (or markers, crayons, etc).  When students are struggling to form letters, they are using much of their cognitive energy on what should be the simple sensorimotor act of letter formation.  That means that they will have less ability to engage in the cognitive-linguistic processes of generative writing!  So, while many students will continue to engage in handwriting instruction and practice, for the purpose of generative writing, using an alternative pencil - including a simple direct selection light tech alpahabet - might be helpful.

Download  ABC AlphaBoard Below:
ABC AlphaBoard

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