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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Clicker 7 - Great New Features!

WHAT:  Clicker 7 is a writing software (version 7, as you might have figured!)  A number of new features are worth mentioning!

WHERE:  For more information, click below:
Clicker 7 Info

Audio Notes:  Now you can add audio note planning into your draft.  Remember that you can prepare a note in the message window of your AAC device, then press record and speak the message.


Built In Webs:  Webs for brainstorming can also be built into Clicker 7.  This means that planning and drafting can be integrated for students who are struggling writers. 

SuperKeys:  The wonderful SuperKeys is now integrated with Clicker 7!  This means that students can select a group (ex:  the yellow keys), then that group (i.e., r, t, y, u, f, g, h) enlarges for selection.

Eye Gaze!!  I saved the most exciting feature for last!  All of these wonderful features are now available for individuals who use eye gaze as an access method.  The writing section of the screen is a 'resting place' and they have integrated the 'wobble distance feature' into their eye gaze.  What a great collaboration between Crick Software and Inclusive TLC!

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