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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dance With The Girl You Brought Quote

Dance With The One You Brought Quote

The original quote comes from many sources:
• Traditional Southernism:  'Dance with the one what brung you.'
• Country music song:  'Dance with the one that brought you' (popularized by Shania Twain)
• Book by Molly Ivans:  Dance With Them What Brung You

Each of those referents shares the concept of being loyal to people who have supported you.

My version is totally different. To me, 'Dance with the one you brought' means many things, including:
• Start with a student's strengths, and move forward
• Don't wait until that 'perfect' high tech solution comes along – jump in and see what you can do today!
• Figure out environmental supports and use them.  Samples include peers (so often under-utilized), motivated siblings, eager aides, etc.
• Choose a few great apps such as Sticky, DoodleBuddy, Pictello, PicCollage, Word Wizard and use them in many creative ways; learn a few apps well rather than many apps a little bit.

Please share your own interpretations of this quote!!

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