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Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

IPEVO Point to View Document Camera

Many of you have asked about the mini document camera that I use at workshops. I'm using the IPEVO Point to View document camera, also called P2V. I love it because it's:
- portable
- lightweight
- durable
- small

It allows me to easily show items to a large group, and is truly plug and play (okay, after a 1-time software install or download!)

Here are a few ways I use P2V (just as teachers use Elmo):
a) for presentations, showing small materials (e.g., for my workshop of 800 + last month in Los Angeles)
b) reading books, with no one whining, 'I can't see!'
c) showing student work as we discuss it, such as engaging in T.A.G. conferences (tell what you like, ask questions, give advice)
d) showing a sample art project

Please share other uses you're finding, and other portable doc cameras that you like.

Now, for the where: I got mine at a local Big Box store (Staples?) but you can order online:

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